Old Funeral – Our Condolences 1988-1992 (2Cd)


Sigillato (Sealed)

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•The first 7 demo recordings NEVER released before except for the 50 original cassette copies from 1989.

•Live recording from Garage, Bergen, Norway in April 1991. NEVER released in any format before.

•The “Abduction Of Limbs” 1990 Demo.

•The “Devoured Carcass” 7″ 1991 EP.

•The track “Forced To Be Lost” 1991 recorded in Grieghallen.

•The September 1992 advance tape.

•Live track from Hulen, Bergen, Norway 1991.

Booklet includes original democover artwork + flyers + never before seen pictures including the very first photosession from May 1988!

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Blackened Death / Black Metal



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