Thin Lizzy ‎– Vagabonds Of The Western World (2 Cd Digipack) Ingrandisci

Thin Lizzy ‎– Vagabonds Of The Western World (2 Cd Digipack)

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Genere Musicale Hard 'n' Heavy
Nazione Irlanda
Anno 1973
Anno Ristampa 2010
Etichetta Decca / Universal
Formato Cd



CD 1

  1. Mama Nature Said
  2. The Hero & The Madman
  3. Slow Blues
  4. The Rocker (album version)
  5. Vagabonds Of The Western World (album version)
  6. Little Girl In Bloom
  7. Gonna Creep Up On You
  8. A Song While I'm Away
  9. Randolph's Tango
  10. Broken Dreams
  11. The Rocker (single edit)
  12. Here I Go Again
  13. Cruising In The Lizzymobile
  14. Little Darling
  15. Sitamoia
  16. Slow Blues (1977 overdubbed and remixed version)
  17. Randolph's Tango (radio promo edit)
  18. Whiskey In The Jar (promotional edited version)

CD 2

  1. The Rocker (BBC Radio 1 in concert)
  2. Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm (BBC Radio 1 in concert)
  3. Slow Blues (BBC Radio 1 in concert)
  4. Gonna Creep Up On You (BBC Radio 1 in concert)
  5. Suicide (BBC Radio 1 in concert)
  6. Vagabonds Of The Western World (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session)
  7. Gonna Creep Up On You (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session)
  8. Little Girl In Bloom (BBC Radio 1 rock on session)
  9. Sitamoia (BBC Radio (BBC Radio Bob Harris Session)
  10. Little Darling (BBC Radio Bob Harris Session)
  11. Slow Blues (BBC Radio Bob Harris Session)
  12. Showdown (BBC Radio Bob Harris Session)
  13. Black Boys On The Corner (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session)

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